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Stay True To Who You Are

I saw this today, and I have so many thoughts on this statement. 💜
Let me start off with, everything I have gone through, experienced, been a witness too, learned about people, I have learned one of the most important things!! STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE!!!
People want power.
People want to be powerful; they want to get ahead, they want what you have at times, but also, people do not want to always put the work in to get it. Sometimes people do not want to talk to someone to actually find out what is going on in your life. They don’t want to see how your situations really are.
They instantly want to jump into action and think they are saving everyone by just taking over, getting an opinion of what they “think” is going on, and take you out because they only want what you have or had.
Now this isn’t for everyone, but it for sure is for the ones that read it and say, “oh shoot”, is she talking to me???
Maybe I am, maybe I am putting this out there to have you rethink things. Maybe this is out there to STOP trying to hurt people to get what YOU WANT!!
Why can’t you work hard for what you want?
Why can you not be your unique self to get what you want?
Why can’t you be happy for the person that has what you want, and think, goodness, if they can do it, so can I?
Why can’t you set yourself apart from others and offer something a little different that makes people want to come to you?
Why don’t you maybe count your blessings for what you have, be grateful for those that helped get you there, and not take down the ones you don’t think are doing things how YOU want them to be?
Why don’t you pick the phone up and have a conversation to understand things better?
Why don’t you get back to the old fashion way and talk to others, listen to others, and cheer others on, even when it’s not how you would do it?
These are just some things to think about!
What we need more of in this world is, unique hard working caring people.
There is enough hatred and shaming going on. You don’t need to add to it. Be your best self, and if you have to hurt others to be your best self, you need some hard soul searching to happen. You might need to look in the mirror and ask yourself, is this who I want to be?
Let’s build one another up. Let’s cheer each other on.
We all have our journey. We all have a purpose. That purpose should not be to DESTROY OTHERS to get what you want!!
If you need a cheerleader, reach out to me,
I am more than happy to cheer you on to achieve your dreams and goals.
I want you to be happy. I want you to reach your highest potential, but I don’t want you to hurt others to get there.
Let’s live our best life TODAY, because we are not promised tomorrow, and if tomorrow does not come, will you be proud of your journey and who you are?
XoXo Dee