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Fasten your seat belt, hold on tight, we are about to go for a ride. Get your Living With Joy and Thankfulness, plus a Reflection Guide today! I can’t wait to walk alongside you on this journey.


“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”

– Madeleine Albright.

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   Powerful Kind Women is committed to helping transform you into the amazing powerful self that is inside you. We will help you with the tools and skills to accomplish the things you need to do! We are committed to helping you fight to keep your dream alive and overcome your challenges. You will tell yourself each and every day how amazing you are. We will give you encouragement, We will give you the tools to help you work through your desires.  You are going to be that Powerful Kind Woman and make a difference in this world. People need to hear what you offer. You have a mission to do what you love, and we are committed to helping you with your journey of getting you to where you want to be!

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We welcome you to a place where we will discuss things that you might need support from others with. Maybe you want to collaborate with other likeminded women. This is a wonderful safe community for anyone that is looking to have a place to chat and bounce ideas off of others as well. Today you are going to be a Powerful Kind Women and you will rock your world.  Join our FB group today. (2) Powerful Kind Women | Facebook


Denise with Powerful Kind Women

Hi! I’m Denise!


I am glad you’re here and I hope that you feel like this is a safe, supportive, and kind place to be.

When I first started mentoring women years ago, I quickly learned that everyone had a dream inside, but many were afraid to speak it out loud for fear of what others would say It was at that moment that I knew Powerful Kind Women needed to help change the way women felt about themselves and not let the opinions of others get in their way, 

Powerful Kind Women is committed to helping women support one another and bring them together in an environment that will showcase to each of them that they can reach the future client that is waiting for them. 

We all have a story; we all have a journey. Some may have had more challenges and some may have had more fears. Imagine getting the skills and tools needed to light your dream again, and to conquer the fear you may have to speak out again. 

What we do with the experience and the situation makes us a stronger person and allows us to share our stories with others to bring them hope and to know they are not alone.



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Sooo…what is it all about?

Do you ever feel like you are struggling with comparing yourself to others, and think you can never do what they do, or have what they have?

Are you the person who is too afraid to start because there are so many others doing what you want to do?

You are in the right place and congratulations for being here.  Together we will dive into the root of what makes us feel the need to compare and finding strategizes to replace the comparison with kindness. 

Join our membership today and start enjoying the benefits of this program. 

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“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

– Julia Child.

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