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Do You Think Life Is Fair?

Do you ask yourself…….Why Me?

Why am I going through this situation? Why Why Why?

Chances are pretty high that you all have asked us do you think life is fair. Did you like the answer you received from it? Are you still waiting for the answer?

What if you turned that question around and asked, what am I supposed to learn from this?  There must be something that I need to learn.  You tell yourself Thank you for the opportunity to learn from this.  Look for the good in the situation. Give Thanks to the situation that you can do better, help someone else out that maybe has or is going through something similar.

I would have my little pity party of just being tired of feeling like I was the only one going through hard.  I would say, “Does anyone out there know this awful feeling”??? Is it just me??  I quickly learned it wasn’t just me. Everyone is going through something. Some display it for all to see, some hide it for no one to see, and some are still in denial they are dealing with it.

We each handle these situations differently 

Let’s talk for just a minute on some ways that might help us get through them a little better.

  • Give thanks for the current situation so you can learn from it
  • Write down 10 things that you can be grateful for with the current situation. I know this might be hard or seem silly, but if you change your mindset to a gratitude mindset. You will see things shift.  After you write these 10 things down, then read them out loud. Say Thank you after each one.  Feel gratitude for each of your 10 things. Feel that feeling of gratitude. You will feel a shift in your thoughts.
  • Wake up every morning and start your day with gratitude
  • End your day with gratitude and think of all the wonderful things that happened in your day. Focus on the one thing that made you feel the best feeling ever.  Think about that feeling, and say Thank you

After you do these things, reevaluate your situation and see how you feel while you are going through it. I hope your mind and thoughts shift to the positive things to help you get through it. We all have different things going on in our lives. We just need to learn the tools to help us get through them and help others find the positive things as well.

Changing our mindset as well to not saying, “Life isn’t fair” and saying, ” I am so grateful to be alive” ” I am grateful for what I am learning” ” I am grateful for a new day” ” I am grateful for all I have been given”.

Remember, Happiness begins with Gratitude. 

It is up to us and how we handle the “Life Isn’t Fair” statement.  Here, at Powerful Kind Women, is to our new way of thinking and changing how we view harder situations.

XoXo , Dee

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