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Powerful Kind Women Owner

Denise teaches and inspires other women to fight to keep their dream alive and overcome their challenges. She will be your biggest cheerleader you have ever seen!

Helping women for the last 23 years have hope, not give up, remember how amazing they are, and never let someone else take away their true passion and dreams has been a passion for Denise.

Denise is devoted to teaching and inspiring women to support one another and to bring each other up to their highest potential. The world is waiting for women to cheer each other on, and Denise has started a program to do just that.

Showcasing women to teach others, support others, and be kinder today than they were yesterday, is Denise’s platform  Women are powerful and together they are unstoppable. 

Denise’s program is one of a kind for other women to explore a whole new level of opportunity to collaborate together to achieve their dreams. 

In her spare time, Denise is cheering on her nine incredible kids and one amazing granddaughter. She is coloring her hair purple and reminding others to rock their hair as well.  She is married to Garza, a man that has jumped in with both feet to support her and others. 

Denise teaches and reminds you that you are amazing! You are incredible and it is your time to reach your dreams and never let someone ever take that away from you.

“Power Knows Kindness, no one can take that away”  Dee