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It is a new day, we woke up!

It Is A New Day, We Woke Up

It is a new day, we woke up! If you are reading this, that means you woke up, told yourself you were going to do something today. 

Have you ever had a morning when you wish you didn’t wake up?  That the burdens, feelings, emotions, are just more than you think you can handle?

Oh my gosh, you are not alone

I remember one night in particular.  I had a lot thrown at me. I kept thinking, if one more freaking thing hits me, I AM DONE!!! I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t even want to be me today.  Do you know how horrible that feels, let alone how horrible that sounds???

How did I even get to this point that I am thinking that?  I had kids that depended on me, that needed me.  If I left them all, could my husband handle it alone?  I thought he could, but then I realized that it’s not fair to my kids.  My self-pity party was just that. It was mine and only mine and I needed to snap out of it. The problem was that is easier said than done.  When you are at a place in your life that you do not even want to wake up, you are not thinking you can just snap your fingers, click your heels, and it’s all better.


My baby at the time would look at me with his big brown eyes and he didn’t know what I was thinking, or did he???? Could he sense something wasn’t right?  Who would he look at if I wasn’t here?  He wouldn’t know me if I was gone, so how could I do better for him and my other 7 kids at the time?


Kids need their parents.  I was a work acholic parent and suddenly lost it all and was home 24/7 with them and really had no clue how to do that. 

It was something I always wanted because I didn’t have it, but I wanted it to be my choice, not told I had to do it.  Goodness, I don’t like being told how to do things.  This is real talk here, right????

I like to do things for others, and now that I didn’t have that choice, what on earth was I going to do??  What I didn’t realize at the time is, I had everything at my fingertips to do, I just couldn’t see that right then.  Nothing seemed happy. I was spiraling fast and didn’t tell anyone.  Why do we suffer in silence? Why are we ashamed to tell others?  There is this stigma out there that if we do not look like we have it all together we get judged. Or do we tell ourselves we will get judged?


Let’s talk about that for just a minute.  There is talk out there, articles out there, new stories out there about us, and people read the stories or watch the stories and all of a sudden out of nowhere get an opinion.

That opinion might not have been there before, but it all of a sudden is based on what they just heard. Before these things came out, they had a different opinion of you. What changed and what changed so fast??

Did that person even think that what they just heard isn’t all true? Did they take the time to call you and ask questions?  Why do we think people are so fast to change their opinion off of hearing something, but never once called to ask you?

I hope through my journey of you reading this here or hearing me speak in person, that I can help you open your eyes, your mind and not be so fast to judge others. I hope to share things with you that you just take a minute to think and do your own research to get your opinion or thoughts before you jump so fast to believe everything you read or hear. It’s a new day…




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